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At Face to Face Day Spa we put comfort and hygiene first. We use a variety of waxes and application methods. We can determine from your hair growth pattern and strength along with skin sensitivity which method is appropriate for you. After Care is also vital and we will always run through this with you no matter how many times you have had waxing done to ensure results last and are problem free.

Our 3 waxing products and methods are:

GiGi Honey wax the world renowned #1 Professional hair removal formula, GiGi is the standard by which all other waxes are measured. This is a spatula applied warm honey wax. Our spatula applied waxes are never double dipped therefore totally eliminating any possibility of contamination.

Clean and easy roller waxing is both quick and hygienic. Independent laboratory tests show that there is no cross contamination of waxes and roller heads are inert to bacterial growth. As in all waxing procedures, sanitary precautions are observed and in roll on waxing, we use a fresh roller head before each client to maintain proper sanitation.

Waxperts Wax is the next generation in waxing, using the latest technology and formulated for the most sensitive skin. Developed to easily remove even the strongest hair, it grips even the shortest hair and gives as pain free a wax as possible. The Waxperts original lavender wax and new Rosie pearl are designed to be used at low temperature and to shrink around the hair rather than sticking to the skin. This method of waxing therefore minimizes redness, skin sensitivity and residue. We are the only spa in St Lucia to offer this most advanced method of hair removal.

Our loyal list of regular waxing clients is testament to the skills and level of service we deliver. Call us today with confidence that you are in experienced and knowledgeable hands.


Waxing – Lip/ChinEC$30 / US$12


Waxing – Brows/LashesFrom EC$30 / US$12


Waxing – BackEC$170 / US$65


Waxing – ArmsFrom EC$50 / US$19


Waxing – Legs/BikiniFrom EC$70 / US$27